Loan Applications

Applicant's must be a LATVIAN CLEVELAND CREDIT UNION member with a share account balance of at least $100.00.

Applicants must also provide Proof of Income with their Application:

2 Current paystubs, W-2s or 1040s (Signature/Cars/RVs)
2 Most recent year's 1040s (Mortgages/Home Equity) + Current W-2
Share Secured/CD Secured Loans Do Not Require Proof of Income


Use the Basic Loan Application for Cars, RV's, Signature, Share Secured and CD Secured loans:

Basic Loan Application (PDF)

Basic Loan Application (Word)


Use the First Mortgage Loan Application for First Mortgage, New Purchase and Refinance of First Mortgage:

First Mortgage Loan Application (PDF)

First Mortgage Loan Application (Word)


Use the Home Equity Loan Application for Closed-End Home Equity Loans (second mortgage) and Open-End Home Equity Lines of Credit (in Ohio only):

Home Equity Loan Application (PDF)

Home Equity Loan Application (Word)


Latvian Cleveland Credit Union NMLS ID#: 531748