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VISA TravelMoney Card

Visa company Logo that is a VISA card with blue stripe on top then the word VISA and gold stripe underneath it.   New Card available to Members -

 a Reloadable VISA TravelMoney card!

  Use this card when travelling domestically or overseas.  Leave your "real" credit card at home.  Give the card to a college student without credit or to a relative abroad.

Cardholders can make purchases at merchants that accept pinned based POS transactions. Get US currency or foreign local currency at ATMs worldwide.

Minimum $100 load.  Load up to $1000 /day.  Reload up to $5000.  No fee on initial load, $2.00 fee on subsequent loads.  2% VISA fee on international transactions.  After 10 months of inactivity, the balance will be assessed $5.00/month.

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